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Barbie HGB73 Bakery Playset For Kids


Barbie HGB73 Bakery Playset For Kids is one of the very famous barbie product for your lovely baby girl. My Happy Baby is famous for such kind of toys. CLICK HERE for more barbie toys.

Product Description:
Kids can run a bakery and decorate cakes with the Barbie Bakery Playset!
Sporting a petite shape, pink hair and wearing a cute striped dress with smock, Barbie doll is ready to make cakes and decorate them, too.
Playset includes bakery station, Barbie 12 inch doll, 2 dough containers, piping bag stamper, spatula, decorations, toppers, cupcake tin, cookie plate and more.
To create realistic cake making, kids can use two kinds of dough (pink or blue) and put it in the oven, pull the lever and watch the cakes rise for cake-making fun!
Then the cake decoration fun begins as kids put the “baked” cake on the cake pedestal and add decorations and toppers.


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