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Barbie Doll GTG01 Dreamtopia Doll and Unicorn


Barbie Doll GTG01 Dreamtopia Doll and Unicorn

Product Features:-

  • Product 1: With this Barbie Dreamtopia playset with Barbie princess doll, her pet unicorn and magical colour changing function, babysitter games meet fairytale storytelling!
  • Product 1: Children will enjoy feeding, grooming and styling when they help the Barbie Princess Doll take care of their magical unicorn in the cloud hutch.
  • Product 1: colour changing effect makes piping even more fun. When the baby unicorn drinks water from the bottle, it turns on the cloud-shaped potty mat that changes colour.
  • Product 1: When the unicorn goes on the potty, the mat magically changes colour from white to rainbow – great fun every time!
  • Product 2:The mermaid bottom of this Barbie doll can glow in colorful rainbow colors
  • Product 2: For this fascinating effect, simply press the button on Barbie’s necklace to “turn on”, and immerse the doll in the bath or pool and the colourful light show is automatically activated by the water
  • Product 2: If the girl wants to start the great light show outside the water, it just needs to press the button on the Barbies chain again
  • Product 2: from 3 years


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