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WinFun 1150 2-in-1 Puppy Racer


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Highlights of the product Interesting remote control game – The lovely remote control puppy Winfun 1150 with an eye-catching red and white car design with a funny black dog head . The puppy’s eyes can glow, which will surely attract your baby at first sight. – With the creation of Winfun, the product has a device that receives signals from a smart controller, bringing an interesting remote control game for your baby. The funny remote contains 2 buttons for your baby to control the car moving forward, backward or turning – the remote control puppy-shaped car Winfun 1150 helps your baby develop comprehensively both movement system and thinking. Children can run after toys, or sit in a seat coordinate with eyes and controller to choose the right direction to avoid obstacles. Through the process of control and play, Children increase the use of combination of many senses, improve their thinking abilities, agility, and flexible improvisation, from which they can have simultaneous development right from the beginning. Fun sound mode In addition to the smart control game, WinFun also gives your baby funny music, stimulates the hearing for the baby to play more excited and more excited, and enhances the feeling and refinement. Emotional improvement in the early stages. Safe Material – Winfun 1150 remote control puppy-shaped car is manufactured from high-quality plastic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for your baby’s health. – The toy surface is smooth with screws in deep holes, the rounded edges are not sharp, do not cause scratches to the baby’s skin when playing. Parents are completely assured when choosing a set of products for their baby.


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