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Winfun 0660 Pull N Spin Turtle Toy

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The best gift for your baby will be a bright toy. 0660 NL game includes all the necessary components. She emits pleasant melodies and even glows. The size of this model is 24-18-17cm. Suitable for girls and boys over 1 year old. The manufacturer WinGun creates high quality toys that are distinguished by their durability. This model is made of non-toxic polymer and does not harm your child, but only makes him laugh. Game 0660 NL allows parents to relax while the toddler plays with his new friend. This toy is educational. The principle of the game: you need to hit the shell with a ball and the turtle will make a melodic sound. The balls scroll in a transparent shell.  The text is protected from verbatim copying by copyright law. When copying, be sure to refer tointertoys com ua This is a great model for developing a child’s coordination and observation skills. This kit includes a turtle with a whirligig, 5 colored balls and a string for carrying the toy. This funny toy is well suited for all children, as it develops accuracy. It should be noted that Game 0660 NL is sold in our online store, and you can buy it today. WinGun only produces high quality toys. Your child will be immensely happy with a bright friend with whom to play.
The turtle is packed in a gift box – 26-19-21.5 cm.


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