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Kids Ride-On Car YS-3588 Big SUV Electric RC BMW X7

33,600.00 30,240.00

The Specifications of this Beautiful Kids Ride On BMW-X7 Model YS-3588 are as under:-

* Electric Car/  2 x Rechargeable Battery 2 x Motor
* Swing Dancing Option/  1 Battery Charger
* 1 Remote Control/ 1 Manual
* Suitable Ages: 1-10 Years Old (60 kg)
* Product Safety: Seat Belt for Child, Parental Remote Control
* Safety Seat and Seat Belt/ Working Lights
* Built in Music and Horn/ Opening Doors
* Remote Control Priority/  LED Lamp/  Double Door Design* USB Port
* Simulation Mirror/ Multi-function Steering Wheel
* Material: PP. PE. Plastic/ Battery Powered
* Battery Specification: 12V/  Running time: 1 hour

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