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Kids DOUGH 11710 Cake Fun Set


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A set for modeling – Funny cakes (Kid’s Dough 11710) – a set for children’s creativity, which allows you to sculpt very beautiful cakes from a special mass.

The special sculpting mass (also called “sculpting dough”) has a pleasant soft consistency that allows even the smallest children to sculpt with pleasure. The mass does not stick to the hands and is easily removed from clothes and carpets, if necessary.

The meaning of the play set is that the child can create beautiful toys with his own hands. The finished sculpted figures can be dried within 24 hours, and they will harden and they can be played with like ordinary toys. If you want to sculpt from the mass again and again, store it after playing in tightly closed jars and it will retain its plastic properties for many months.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of sculpting for a child. Playing with a modeling dough, children develop imagination, creative taste, fine motor skills, which has a very beneficial effect on children’s development in general.

The mass for modeling itself is made from environmentally friendly components and is completely safe for a child.

In the set:  3 jars with a sculpting mass (blue, red, yellow); molds for sculpting cakes.

Recommended age: from 3 years old.


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