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Hot Wheels Track HDX79 Builder Crokscrew Twist Kit


Hot Wheels Track HDX79 Builder Crokscrew Twist Kit is one of the eye catching product for Kids. Hot Wheels is very famous for its Cars, Games and tracks. At myhappybaby.pk you can buy all kind of Hot Wheels products. Click Here to buy more Hot Wheels Toys.

Product Features:-

  • The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit Playset makes cars jump through hoops Kids launch their Hot Wheels into 2 possible set-ups to jump through a hoop and hit a target
  • Send cars through the corkscrew loops before making the leap towards the target or adjust the set-up to launch cars straight at the target; Experiment with force to master the challenge
  • Place the launcher, target and peripheral tracks in designated spots on the playset for easy and convenient storage
  • Each track piece is compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks so that kids can build and rebuild a track system of their own design (Additional track sets sold separately)
  • This set makes a great gift for kids 6 years old and older and comes with 1 Hot Wheels vehicle to kick off the action


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