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Fisher Price Think & Learn Count & Add Math Center


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  • Brand: Fisher Price
  • Press the challenge button or turn the dials to generate a new problem
  • Move the coloured tokens for hands-on counting​
  • Practice writing numbers on the mess-free, magnetic pad​
  • Tokens can also be sorted in the storage area by colour or facial expression
  • ​Tethered stylus pen helps strengthen pre-schoolers’ fine motor skills
  • Inspiring little learners to be big thinkers.
  • Addition and Subtraction: Kids can create equations and count tokens to find the solution.
  • Counting Sets: The coloured emoji tokens help give kids a hands-on understanding of counting and sorting (by colour or facial expression).
  • Number Recognition: The number lines show figures (2) and number words (two) to help pre-schoolers understand that no matter how you write it, the value is the same (2 tokens).


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